52 Mondays - Community Team Members

1st of all if you made it this far, you are amazing to be even considering donating your time to this community program. If you join us, you will be respected and trusted for your input and most importantly greatly appreciated.

At this time we need help in the following areas

Charity Screener/Organizser 

Social Media Assistant/Promoter

Audio Engineering / Production Assistant

Radio / Press Liason/Promotor

Event Planner for (planned quarterly)

If you are sponser your donations to "52 Mondays of Music" will be used to facilitate production and advertising and special events for the 2018 year. Check the sponsor agreement for more specific terms of what you are getting for your investment.

As an adopted charity you will be provided $1,000 minimum by myself and will agree to cross promote the 52 Mondays of Music program. Check the spotlight charity agreement for more specific terms. It is our goal to raise both money and awareness for your organization. All 3rd party donations will be direct to you through your links. We hope to provide other mechanisms of support for all 52 charities that can cover the costs of merchandise and deliver the net proceeds to your organization on top of the $1,000 minimum. 

Brian Lee Bender


We are here to promote your brand and highlight your services. Your contributions will be used to expand our reach through, promotion, high quality productions and create a positive association for

your business. We encourage your personal feedback and networking to build long lasting relationships in our community


The power of music is our engine. It connects us all together. If you are a professional artist that wishes to get involved, please contact us so we can find out if this platform would be a good fit to showcase your story and music.


We will raise money for you and shine the light on what you are doing in our community.

This is what we are all about...

"The power of music and people"

You wake in the middle of the night with a vision, you fall back to sleep and you have a blueprint for an entire year's worth of work. It started just like that! 52 Mondays was more or less something I had dreamed about.

The design was recorded on paper in a few hours and shared with some amazing friends who instantly, said "count me in". At that point there was no reason to stop the train. 

Music has value if its shared and part of "something". We sing and indulge at weddings, we weep at funerals and dedicate songs to the lives of the deceased. Some artists feel like no one listens, that music has somehow been lost in the land of entertainment option overload. It is my mission to prove to all that, that the efforts of those who have been "touched by the music" are serving an important purpose. Those who participate in the listening, sharing and caring are simply allowing honoring the value of music itself.

52 Mondays now is on a course of its own, open to participation, support, feedback, fans, critics, whatever, the goal remains the same; to show that music will connect us as a community.

If you believe in the power of music, please contribute something to this cause, not necessarily money, just some love so we as a community can support the needs of the planet.

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