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52 Mondays Story

I woke up in the middle of the night, with an idea just one month shy of New Year’s Day, 2018. I mapped it out on paper; 52 Weeks, 52 Mondays, 52 Charities, $1,000 per week. I would curate a list for others to learn about needs in our community, contribute a personal donation of $1,000 each week and ask for 52 Monday fans to add to the weekly donations. Grow over time and have an impact. That’s it!

Using music as a vehicle for change, I also committed to publishing a new piece of music, each week as well.

It’s been a lot of work, but I love to work and get things done!

Knowing that people’s lives are impacted by this community effort all attached to music, makes me smile often…

Our Team

I’ve had several awesome people really help me get this project off the ground and continue to spread the word about 52 Mondays Of Music. I am so thankful for their help and service to the 52 Mondays of Music concept and for helping out in the community.

Breck Philip

Breck Philip


Kim Poulson Smith

Kim Poulson Smith


JOe Whalen

JOe Whalen


Music Is The World’s Language

7.5 Billion people on this planet.

Music has the power to connect all of us.

Coffee Bean

Caring Is A great start

Want To Help?

Just follow along

Coffee Bean


We provide links to fundraisers that go directly to the charity for maximum value utilization of your generosity.

Coffee Bean

52 Charities / Causes

Life will bring you to more than one of these causes, as you grow through the years. Us as individuals can be affected as well as those we love. We can help, ease everybody’s pain.

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